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Release Day Blitz: BARE ASSETS by M.L. Stephens ~ Two Reviews

Title: Bare Assets
Author: M.L. Stephens
Genre: Adult Contemporary

With nothing but shattered dreams and a busted heart to fuel the way, Angela Fletcher drove out of Arkansas and never looked back.
Six years later, the new and improved version of the girl she used to be steered clear of romance, love and late night promises. The only pillow talk Angela engaged in these days, was making sure the person on the other pillow knew to lose her number as soon as he left the bed. She only had room for one love in her life and that was Bare Assets, the gentleman's club she poured her heart and soul into.
Dean Murray was the devil in disguise and had left behind enough broken hearted women to populate a small country. Angela would know. She was an expert markswoman who was skillfully self-trained at shooting down the good, the bad and the ugly of all masculine targets. After all, as the owner of the most successful strip club in Dallas, Texas, it was her business to know men.
Just as she begins to fall for Dean's silky words and passionate ways, her past and present unexpectedly collide and a meticulously planned future turns into unpredictable chaos. Is the smooth talking, denim wearing devil responsible for the chaos? Or have the secrets she left buried in Arkansas, coming back to haunt her?

Jen's Review

"You pumped life into my dead heart and taught me how to live again. I didn't think it possible to love someone with as much passion as I do you."

   There are so many good lines in this book, it was so hard to narrow it down to one to share with you. This book is a story of love, loss, and learning to live and love again. Angela is a girl who suffers through the betrayal of the love of her life and the loss of her mother. She picks herself up and moves away to start her life over and leave the broken Angela behind. 

   Finding herself in another state and a big city she tries to put the pieces of her broken heart back together and come out a stronger person. She is a successful business woman in a man's world. I love this aspect of the book, the author writes a strong female lead who will stop at nothing to succeed. Soon we find out more of what happened in the past because her past and present collide. Six years after leaving Arkansas her ex Cutter shows up on her doorstep to try and win her back, just as she's given in to the man that sat at her club once a week for two years to get to know her. Enter Dean, he is absolutely swoonworthy. Dean makes Angela melt, he makes her feel again after guarding her heart for so long. The only problem is, Cutter is determined to interfere in their new relationship and sometimes letting your guard down to quick can get you hurt. I didn't like Cutter throughout this book, he hurt Angela over and over, why he thought he could swoop in and play protector I'll never understand. Men, Ugh! 

   Just as the story is progressing and things are starting to happen between Angela and Dean the author decides to take my heart in her hands, rip it out of my chest and throw it down on the ground. If that isn't enough she does a jig on it. Yup, I was floored by the direction this part took and I felt like I was having an anxiety attack while trying to process what just happened. I was so angry, I screamed "No, This cannot be happening." 

   Angela once again is forced to put her mess of a life back together and once again is left heartbroken. Without spoiling the end for you I can tell you that the author does redeem herself in the end. The ending was perfect, but leaves you wanting just a little more. I smell a sequel and I hope to Hell I'm right. Wonderful story with some great one-liners. I'm giving this book 4 Stars! 


Christy's Review

Wow, I really liked this one! This author's writing style reminds me of some of the first romance novels I read as a young adult. It was romantic, comical and sweet with a just dash of suspense. The characters were well developed and I instantly connected with Angela and Dean.

Angela moved to Texas after things in her life in Arkansas were too much for her to bear. She started off as a dancer to support herself and was able to save up enough money to start her own gentlemen's club which she named Bare Assets. Ang thought she had left her past behind her until it came knocking on her door.

Dean, aka "the denim wearing devil", is considered one of her regulars in the club. He has a terrible reputation as a womanizing playboy which is keeping him from winning over the woman he has wanted for the past two years. 

"Why are you so hard on me, Angie? What have I done to cause you to dislike me so much? You don't even know me."

"I don't need to know you to know your kind."

"What kind am I?'

"The male kind," she barked.

There are people that are out to get Angela and destroy the business she worked so hard to build. On top of dealing with that, she must finally put her past to rest and learn how to open her heart to man who just won't take no for an answer.

There were a few times that I was left wondering "What the hell is happening here?", but in the end it all came together with a perfect ending. No cliffhanger and you are left with a smile. Great book!! 4 "Roger Rabbit" Stars!


About the author...
I'm just an every day Mrs. Joe, except that I have an unshakable fetish for a good mystery and anything paranormal, along with an insatiable appetite for coffee and travel. When I'm not reading the novels of so many great authors, I'm creating stories of my own. My family keeps me grounded, my pets keep me jumping, my friends keep me focused, and it all happens in Texas!

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