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20 Questions with USA Today Best Selling Author Tara Sivec

Have you ever wanted to get inside the mind of one of your favorite authors? We do and we have...

 20 Questions with Tara Sivec

1. WSBB: What influenced you to write the Chocolate Lovers Series?
Tara: Hits of acid. Seriously, my kids. I used to have a Facebook page called Shit my Kids Say and Do. It was filled with all of the inappropriateness that would come out of their mouths. After copious amounts of alcohol, those things turned into a story.

2. WSBB: I'll admit to snort laughing reading this series, where did you come up with the characters?
Tara: Most of them are based off of people in my life. I really have a BFF named Liz who is EXACTLY like the Liz in the book. I have an old co-worker who is Jenny to a T (sorry Rhonda) and Gavin is 100% my 6 year old.

3. WSBB: With the success of the C.L. series, what made you venture into the more serious subjects like we read in A Beautiful Lie and Watch Over Me?
Tara: My favorite genre to read is Romantic Suspense. I knew as soon as I started writing professionally that I would write Romantic Suspense. I love action and twists in a story and of course a hot alpha male who saves the day :) Watch Over Me is my personal story. I started writing it a few months after my mother passed away 2 years ago. I honestly never thought I would share it with the world because it is so personal. It was more of a way to help me heal. But the more I wrote, The more I knew I had to get it out there. If anything, I wanted others who have lost someone important in their lives to know they aren't alone in what they're feeling.

4. WSBB: Gavin is a freaking riot, is this any indication of what life in the Sivec household is like?
Tara: Oh, without a doubt! Our son is a dick. He's lucky he's cute, that's all I'm saying.

5. WSBB: Describe your writing cave? (Condoms, Blow up dolls?)
Tara: I just had my office remodeled so it's very pretty right now. But there are definitely condoms, an inflatable penis and crazy things around the room. My personal favorite is a laminated sign a
fan gave me that has 100 words for penis on one side and 100 words for vagina on the other. Fabulous reference tool. Especially "groin ferret". That HAS to be used in a sentence at least once a day. "My groin ferret has a meeting with your tuna taco."

6. WSBB: To the readers who have not read the Chocolate Lovers Series (shame on you), tell us where you came up with the idea for this series?
Tara: A lot of the interactions between the characters are from my life. The characters all talk the way my friends and family do. I write the way I talk. "Fuck" is my favorite word and who doesn't love discussing vagina?

7. WSBB: I found myself sharing parts of the books with my husband. Has Mr Sivec read your books?
Tara: He has! He actually woke me up one night reading in bed. He was laughing and shaking the bed so hard that I yelled at him. It went like this:
Me: Dude, the fuck? I'm trying to sleep.
Mr: Pipe down. I'm reading your book.
Me: Oh, carry on then.

8. WSBB: What is your favorite movie?
Tara: Gone with the Wind. Non-serious: Super Troopers

9. WSBB: I have read your "Things learned in NYC" can you share with the readers who haven't your Top 2 things learned?
Tara: *If you plug your nose when you do a shot of Jameson, it still tastes like pure gasoline.
*When Ellie Smith takes you into the bathroom to do a shot, it will not be something fruity and yummy. It will be Jack and it will burn the nostrils. It will also make me scream "OMG! I JUST GREW TESTICLES. MY BALLS JUST DROPPED."

10. WSBB: To date, what is the funniest thing that has happened to you when meeting a fan?
Tara: Every meeting with my fans is amazing. They are all just as crazy as I am. At my very first signing, the first person who came to my table gave me a vibrator as a gift. I knew then this job was meant to be.

11. WSBB: Who is your favorite author?
Tara: Pamela Ribon. I normally don't read funny authors. It's hard for me to find something funny because I'm kind of bat shit crazy with my funny. Pamela is hilarious and her blog posts make my day. I really think we should be BFFs. She's replied to a few of my Tweets to her so I'm pretty sure that means we're dating now.

12. WSBB: Have you had a fangirl moment when meeting authors at signings?
Tara: Kristen Ashley was my biggest fangirl moment at Book Bash in Orlando. The fact that she knew who I was and wanted a picture with me made me all giddy.

13. WSBB: Where do you see yourself in five years as an author?
Tara: Hopefully still trucking along and not in a mental institution. If I am locked up, I hope all the padded walls are pink & they serve vodka.

14. WSBB: Chocolate Lovers Series Movie, cast Claire, Carter, Gavin and Drew?
Tara: Claire: Rachel McAdams
Carter: Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars
Gavin: He'd have to be played by my son. There's no other option.
Drew: I really wish I would have made Drew's character Korean so I could pick Ken Jeong from The Hangover. In my head when I wrote him though, I always saw Ashton Kutcher.

15. WSBB: What new projects are you working on at the moment?
Tara: I'm working on a spinoff of Chocolate Lovers called the Chocoholics Series. It will be about the kids all grown up. Gavin's book, "Love and Lists" will be out October 1st. I'm also working on a new 3 book series that I signed with Amazon Publishing called the Fool Me Once Series. Think Stephanie Plum meets Chocolate Lovers.

16. WSBB: Describe to us the moment you found out your book hit the USA Today Bestselling List?
Tara: OMG, I was at my daughter's softball game just scrolling through that week's list. I look every week just to see if any of my friends made the list. I stood up from my chair in the middle of the game yelling "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" and jumping up and down in excitement. Which was unfortunate since our team had just struck out. I looked like a douche.

17. WSBB: You are the reason I say "I'll cut a bitch". What influences your humor?
Tara: Honestly, I was born this way. I think I came out of the womb with the mouth of a truck driver, probably giving the nurses the finger. My family members are all funny. Our goal is to get kicked out of as many public places as possible for being loud and inappropriate. So far we've been kicked out of one ICU ward, 2 funeral homes and countless restaurants.

18. WSBB: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Tara: Slow drivers. Get the fuck out of the way. And hey, did you know ALL cars are made with turn signals now? They totally are. Mind blowing, I know.

19. WSBB: Your favorite food (besides chocolate)?
Tara: I actually don't care for chocolate all that much! I know, shameful. My weakness is potato chips. Or pasta. I could eat both all day, every day. My ass hates me.

20. WSBB: What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
Tara: Making the USA Today Best Seller List.

We'd like to thank Tara Sivec for taking the time to talk with us. We know you'll love her books as much as we do.

Enjoy some of our favorite quotes from the Chocolate Lover's Series!!

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