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Review: FLY AWAY by Kristin Hannah

Once, a long time ago, I walked down a night-darkened road called Firefly Lane, all alone, on the worst night of my life, and I found a kindred spirit. That was our beginning. More than thirty years ago. TullyandKate. You and me against the world. Best friends forever. But stories end, don’t they? You lose the people you love and you have to find a way to go on. . . .

Tully Hart has always been larger than life, a woman fueled by big dreams and driven by memories of a painful past. She thinks she can overcome anything until her best friend, Kate Ryan, dies. Tully tries to fulfill her deathbed promise to Kate--to be there for Kate’s children--but Tully knows nothing about family or motherhood or taking care of people.

Sixteen-year-old Marah Ryan is devastated by her mother’s death. Her father, Johnny, strives to hold the family together, but even with his best efforts, Marah becomes unreachable in her grief. Nothing and no one seems to matter to her . . . until she falls in love with a young man who makes her smile again and leads her into his dangerous, shadowy world.

Dorothy Hart--the woman who once called herself Cloud--is at the center of Tully’s tragic past. She repeatedly abandoned her daughter, Tully, as a child, but now she comes back, drawn to her daughter’s side at a time when Tully is most alone. At long last, Dorothy must face her darkest fear: Only by revealing the ugly secrets of her past can she hope to become the mother her daughter needs.

A single, tragic choice and a middle-of-the-night phone call will bring these women together and set them on a poignant, powerful journey of redemption. Each has lost her way, and they will need each one another--and maybe a miracle--to transform their lives.

An emotionally complex, heart-wrenching novel about love, motherhood, loss, and new beginnings, Fly Away reminds us that where there is life, there is hope, and where there is love, there is forgiveness.

About the author...
Kristin Hannah was born in September 1960 in Southern California and grew up at the beach, making sand castles and playing in the surf. When she was eight years old, her father drove the family to Western Washington which they called home.
After working in a trendy advertising agency, Kristin decided to go to law school. "But you're going to be a writer" are the prophetic words she would never forget from her mother. Kristin was in her third-and final-year of law school and her mom was in the hospital, facing the end of her long battle with cancer. Kristin was shocked to discover that her mother believed she would become a writer. For the next few months, they collaborated on the worst, most clich├ęd historical romance ever written.
After her mom's death, she packed up all those bits and pieces of paper they'd collected and put them in a box in the back of her closet. Kristin got married and continued practicing law.
Then Kristin found out she was pregnant and was on bed rest for five months. By the time she'd read every book in the house and started asking her husband for cereal boxes to read, she knew she was a goner. That's when her husband reminded her of the book she'd started with her mom. Kristin pulled out the boxes of research material, dusted them off and began writing. By the time their son was born, she'd finished a first draft and found an obsession.
The rejections came, of course, and they stung for a while, but each one really just spurred her to try harder, work more. In 1990, Kristin got "the call," and in that moment, she went from a young mother with a cooler-than-average hobby to a professional writer, and has never looked back. In all the years between then and now, she have never lost her love of, or her enthusiasm for, telling stories. Kristin feels truly blessed to be a wife, a mother, and a writer.

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Review ~ 5 Stars
I am not sure I have the words to do this book justice but I am going to try. First off let me say that this is by far one of the best books I have ever read. I have only said those words a few times so you know I mean them. I have read and shared many Kristin Hannah books in my time but this one is by far her best work to date. I will admit I cried through 90% of the story and I had to stop often and wipe the tears from my eyes in order to keep going.

 Kate's passing has left a devastating hole in her family and best friend's lives. Tully is trying to deal with the loss of the one person she felt ever loved her for her. Their friendship spanned many years, sharing each others happiness and sorrows. Without her best friend, she doesn't know who she is anymore and spirals into a deep depression. She had promised Kate on her death bed that she would watch out for her god daughter Marah. Marah is dealing with her own guilt over things said in the past to her mother. Things that she will never be able to take back or make up for now that her mother is gone. Marah's father John has shut down emotionally and was clueless to the dangerous path that his daughter was taking.

So many of my questions were answered about Cloud, Tully's mother. Even though she lead a hard childhood I still resented the hell out her for abandoning her child this way. Which in turn had caused Tully so much anguish as an adult. 

I think the message I received from this story is this..Don't wait until it is too late to tell the people that mean the most to you how very much you love them. Don't hold a grudge because you never know what tomorrow holds. Grab your best friend, give her a big hug and tell her how much better your life is by having her in it. This was a beautifully emotional and sometimes dark story that will stay on mind for a long time to come.


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