Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lou's Ponderings ~ Week 4

Have you ever wondered why people feel the need to bully, put down, and be rude to others? Or wondered why bullying in school is a problem? Well you’re not alone in these questions. As a human being and life coach I have come to see many patterns in my own life and in the lives of others.
To those of you who have been treated badly (which is all of us some time or the other). Here’s my advice for you, be the change you wish to see. You might scoff and say yeah right how will that make a difference. Well having that attitude in itself is a problem!! What I have found is to recognize that which is unjust but put more thought and focus into what you can do to make some else’s life a little better/brighter. It may be to sincerely smile and thank those who serve you throughout your day. At the drive through, coffee shop, grocery store, bank, garbage collectors. What about the grumpy, surly person with an attitude? Yes those too!! How would you treat them if you knew that they were ill with cancer and dying, or had a parent, child, brother or sister ill and dying??
Oh and for those of you who are the one being unkind, allow me to speak to you for a moment. Let me ask you this, who’s been rude and unkind to you, who taught you to be that way? Who made you feel that you are less than the magnificent being that you were created to be? Who made you feel insignificant? How long are you going to continue to lash out at others making them pay for the pain you carry inside for the way others have treated you. It may ease your pain for the moment while you’re lashing out, but the harm you do to others you are also inflicting on your own soul. I’m sorry that you have gotten a marred picture of yourself. The thing for you my friend is to decide today and NOW that you will no longer have ANY part in mistreating others and making them feel as you have in your life. AND you will start seeing yourself as magnificent, loving and kind, and treating others as though they are magnificent, loving and kind, thus you will change not only your world but the world of others!!

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