Monday, July 1, 2013

Lou's Ponderings ~ Week 2

Have you ever found yourself in this weird situation where you are reading something and it just irritates the crap out of you and you can hardly STAND reading it? Well I found myself in such a said situation recently. I was reading this book and it didn’t have the in depth stuff going on I preferred.

 It mostly just had constant sex scenes and you really knew little to nothing about the characters. Needless to say it annoyed the crap out of me and was very unfulfilling for me to read. As I was thinking this over and shared my annoyance with my husband and through him and I’s conversation I came to realize this; As the characters in the book most 23 yr olds are horny foremost and maybe don't have the depth that life’s experiences give you .

As I thought back to my own self at 23, I knew how much that played a role in our lives at that age, and how much at age 34 that things look different, and how that now seems so shallow and how important that intimacy is in a relationship. Great sex doesn’t stop after 23 and it just gets better at 34, but real true intimacy in a relationship enhances everything in your life to almost a 3D experience. If it’s this great at 34 I can’t wait to see how much better it will be in 10 more years!!  23 has NOTHING on us now!

So here’s to all of us growing, evolving as humans and to life becoming richer and deeper in meaning!!   Love and hugs to you ALL!  

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