Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Remember When 3 by T. Torrest


I had read books one and two, so I really wanted Trip and Layla to have their happy ending. I was very upset with the author for making my heart hurt at the end of book two. But, I loved that she gave me more with another book. 

I loved Trip in this story. Being a sexy as sin movie star hasn't changed him. He's still the loving and caring Chester that Layla fell in love with all those years ago. I really love the way they banter, it reminds me of my relationship with my husband. 
Layla surprised me in this one with her "word vomit". I wish she would've realized this years ago so that my Trip didn't have to suffer all those years. I really like where T. Torrest took Layla's character. She's funny, sassy, sweet and I love how she is with her BFF's kids. 

Layla and Trip find that even though years and three thousand miles have separated them, their feelings for each other haven't changed. I love the references to music, movies and all things late eighties and nineties, It took me back to my teen years. 

This book was a great ending to the story and I loved it. I loved the ending of the book but I was floored with the last three sentences and now I want another book. This is a major hint to the author, it could be a novella. Wonderful, sweet and funny series for all. 

I give Remember When 3- 5 Stars! 

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