Monday, June 24, 2013

Lou's Pondering's ~ Very First Edition

As we all know life can throw us some serious curve balls sometimes. There are times we react and respond to these said curve balls in a less than stellar way. We build walls, freak out, have panic attacks, yell, scream, or bottle it up inside.
Then we pick up a book and read about this character that we identify with on a deep emotional level. We could swear that the author was peaking inside our heads. It leaves us wishing way to often that we would, as the character in those books, have someone sweep in and take care of us as the hero's in the stories!
Life can be so damn messy at times, but the biggest mistake we can make is thinking someone else is responsible for our happiness. The biggest kindness we can give ourselves is self respect and to make our own happiness. Once we do that, it opens us up to ALL kinds of possibilities!

Here's to us all no longer building walls, freaking out, panicking, yelling, screaming, and bottling it up. But to asking the question of how can I change this and what can I learn from this and become a better person!

                                                                                      ~ M.L. Schwartz ~                        

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