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Tour Stop: IT WAS ALWAYS HER CHOICE by Susanne Lovely

The choices Shania made always had consequences. She saved herself for a man who didn’t know how to love her. She ran to escape, all the way to the Greek Isle of Kallos, where she found herself facing a new job, a gorgeous Greek Adonis, and a ruthless, yet anonymous stalker who was out to do her harm. 

The choices she continues to make lead her farther into the clutches of darkness while the choice she left behind won’t let go of her heart and mind. When David, the man she has loved forever meets Stephan, the man who was falling in love with her, sparks fly, secrets are spilled, and decisions have to be made. No matter what, she knows that it is always her choice. 

Bonus Scene
The following scene is a bonus scene, unedited and may change.  No one is permitted to copy, distribute, alter, or use any of it, in any way, without expressed consent of the author or her designee.
“Hurry!  Hurry!”  She was so excited!  She scurried about the house picking up dropped clothing and empty dishes left over from the morning fun.  One thing she was sure of was that life with him would never be dull.  He found ways to make her happy in new ways every day.
“I don’t know why you are running around cleaning up in here.  The party is in the barn.”  He wrapped his arms around her from behind, cuddling her gently against him.
“Oh my,” she groaned.  “You never know who might come through that door.”
He swatted her behind, and reminded her that she needed to slow down.  “Time to go.  I want to check things again, make sure it’s all good.”
The big red barn stood out against the evening sky.  When they had decided to have a Valentine’s Day party, it had been her first thought.  Red barn, red heart, red… well red.  Her friend Susan had helped with the planning, both so excited.  This was her project, and the only thing she expected from him or Susan’s husband was that they do the things the girls put on their to-do lists.
Shania was dressed in red, of course.  Her strapless gown dipped low over her full breasts, gathering to embrace her luscious curves in a kiss of silk as the full skirt fell to the floor in a graceful sweep.  She wore red fuck-me heels; he insisted.  Her abundant curls were arranged in a high ponytail that fell in waves around her neck.  He wore black leathers and a white button down shirt with cuffs turned back at the wrists.
He picked up his hat, crooked his arm, and she wrapped her small fingers around his elbow.  They walked down the path toward the barn, now the party location.
The guys had worked hard the night before, laying a temporary dance floor, and arranging strategic equipment and decorations, to her specifications.  Lanterns hung from every post.  The DJ was set up in the open barn loft, on one end of the hallway, where she could work the crowd and keep the music going.
Susan and her hubby, Anthony, were already there.  They had come early to set up the bar and party snacks.  Susan had baked a mountain of red and white decorated hearts.  There was a huge heart shaped cake and trays of heart shaped cookies, decorated with red and white icing.  She had filled a red bowl with humus, cut cheese sticks and veggies for dipping.  Anthony iced the beer, while he arranged red and white wine on the bar.  He had a few bottles of champagne on ice for something special, but he kept that out of site.
The barn looked like any other barn at first glance.  This one was outfitted for horses.  Harnesses, saddles, ropes, and coils of leather were hung from posts or across the walls of the horses’ stalls.  The horses themselves had been boarded at Martin’s ranch for the night so everything was clean.  Bales of hay were stacked or rolled in place in each end of the hall.  Benches and tables framed the perimeter for easy access to the dance floor and entertainment.
Susan wore a short black dress that fit her luscious body like a glove.  Her full breasts overflowed the built in bra that kept the halter neckline in place.  Around her neck, she wore a thin, red, leather collar that sported a red heart-shaped pendent dropping from the center.  Red four-inch heels completed her ensemble.  Anthony, like his host, was dressed in leathers but his shirt was black, giving him a daring look of danger.
Pam, the DJ, arrived with boxes and bags, which she handed off to the men.  She greeted both of them exuberantly.  Pam wore thigh high black leather boots with needle pointed heels and silver taps on the toes.  Her red cowgirl costume was form fitted with a flaring red skirt that showed glimpses of black panties when she moved.  Up the steps she went, to her station in the loft.
By ten p.m., the party was jumping.  She watched from a bench with her lover seated behind her, his long, lean legs spread on either side of her undulating hips.  “Damn,” he thought, rubbing his tightening crotch with his hand.  “If she keeps this up, I am going to have to take her into the stall for a quickie.”
Applause broke out all around the room when Anthony stepped into the center of the dance floor with Susan.  The music stopped.  He waved his hand for quiet.  The room hushed.
“I’m glad to see you all having such a good time here tonight.  I have noticed all of you making your acquaintance with the equipment, and I can see your training is paying off.  For your entertainment, Susan and I have been asked, to provide a demonstration of a bit of fun and fuckery that you might enjoy at home.  So I’m going to say, please do this at home.”
A sawhorse was brought to the center of the room, and then the crowd oohed when another was arranged by its side.  A second couple walked onto the floor and stood behind the second horse, facing Anthony and Susan.
“Y’all know Master O and his sub, Kay.  They have agreed to participate in this demonstration so …Music please!”  He said to the DJ.  Pam broke into a brief rendition of The Yellow Rose of Texas, with a mischievous grin on her face.  At a look from Anthony, she segued into soft rhythmic music with a faint drumbeat.
Master O and Anthony draped the sawhorses with quilted saddle pads while Susan and Kay removed their clothing.  A few nerves were obvious as the girls looked at each other covertly.  Master O and Anthony spoke quietly with them, and then led them each to their horse.  Anthony pulled two bandanas from his pocket, tossing one to Master O.  They folded the cloth and tied them around the girls’ heads, making country style blindfolds.
Susan and Kay leaned against the sawhorses, looking in opposite directions, their bottoms flat against the horizontal bars.  They placed their hands on the bars, spread wide apart, where their wrists were secured with cuffs.  Anthony and Master O knelt quickly and attached spreader bars to their feet.  Susan and Kay were back to back, blindfolded, and spread open.
At a signal from Anthony, the music quickened, the hard driving beat becoming louder and more resonant.  Stringed instruments played a haunting melody behind the throbbing beat.
Anthony and Master O unclipped a tool from their belts and the audience grew so silent they jumped when the ‘buzzzzzzz’ sounded.  The girls squirmed.  They both recognized the sound of the Magic Wand, that devilish, delightful, tormenting, titillating, Magic Wand.
Anthony touched the round vibrating head to Susan’s tightly pebbled nipples.  She cried out and trembled in anticipation.  Master O followed his lead and Kay cried out softly.  They ran the wands lightly around the girl’s breasts, one after the other.  Again, they touched a nipple.
Stroking gently down her body, Anthony increased the vibration on his wand.  He slid the head between Susan’s legs, parting her lips, lubed by her own juices.  She threw her head back against Kay’s and moaned.
“Ahhhhh,” Susan moaned.
“I need more,” Kay begged.
Master O circled the bare mound of his woman with the wand, probing with his hand into her depths.  He pulled the little hood back, baring her tender bud of passion.  One, two, three times he touched her clit, plunging his other hand into her wet, pulsing pussy.
Anthony dropped to his knees, stroking the insides of Susan’s thighs and legs with the wand.  He picked up a wide band that lay by his side, and wrapped it around her leg and the handle of the wand.  He adjusted the toy until the vibrating head lay against Susan’s spread labia.  Restrained as she was, she could not move away from the tormenting head.
“Please, please,” she cried.  “I need to come; please let me come.”
Anthony stood, adjusting his straining leathers, he unclipped his flogger and began to strike her breasts in gentle stokes.  Again and again, until her breasts swelled, red and thrusting as her pelvis danced against the sawhorse.
“Please.”  She struggled against her restraints.
Master O worked Kay with the wand until she was delirious.
“Let me Come!”  She cried.  “Ohhh, please.”
At a nod from Anthony, Master O produced his favorite toy; he called it The Discipliner.  The leather strip was supple and packed a mean bite when used right.  Master O swung once, upward.  The leather bit her pussy, landing on her sensitized clit.  Kay screamed.
His mouth quickly replaced his leather as he soothed, sucked, and gentled her until her orgasm had spent itself.
Anthony dropped to his knees when Master O brought out The Discipliner, removing the wand and dropping it to the floor.  He sank his tongue into Susan’s pussy, thrusting, licking, and sucking.  She screamed his name as her orgasm rolled through her body.
Sitting on the sidelines, her red dress hiding his hands while they stroked her excited body, she panted.  Watching the performance had left her wet and in need.  The scene had done what she had expected.  It had ramped her endorphins up, and her body cried out for release.  “Just wait until I get him home,” she thought…

Meet the Author

Susanne Lovely was reared in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Daughter and granddaughter of coal miners, she grew up among people who knew the value of hard work and family. Susanne’s family was rich in tradition and heritage based in Appalachian lore and history.
Susanne’s experiences in education led to a lifetime love of learning. She spent over 30 years as an educator. After retiring she found her niche in a group of other readers who inspired her to put pen to paper and try her hand at publishing. Her early interest in reading combined with a rich heritage of storytelling has led her to publish her first book, It Was Always Her Choice.
Susanne said, “I never expected to be a writer although I have concocted stories all of my life. My head has always been full of characters and scenarios. I just didn’t have the courage to let them out.”
Mother, wife, lover, daughter, granddaughter, educator, columnist and friend; all of these words define Susanne Lovely. She now adds author to that list. She says, “My life has always been full of choices which as a woman, I was empowered to decide.” It Was Always Her Choice is set to publish on December 15, 2013.

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