Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: TORMENTED by Mia Natal

When Yasmine Cardoza loses her family in a tragic accident, she becomes trapped by grief, and life seems pointless. She is forever tormented—tormented by memories and haunted by dreams. Her overwhelming sense of guilt prevents her from living a happy life. She doesn’t allow herself to feel joy, laughter, or intimacy—and never becomes emotionally attached for fear of losing yet another person she loves. Confined on all sides by memories, anger, and guilt, she loses focus on relationships of any kind. 

When Yasmine comes face to face with Drake Steele—renowned playboy of the club scene—she’s instantly attracted to him. He has the most brilliant sapphire eyes she’s ever seen, and they call to her.

Drake Steele is rocked by the beautiful Yasmine. He is intrigued by her demeanor and enamored by her determination to deny the chemistry between them. He boldly pursues her even though she rebuffs him at every turn. He is determined to break through her sadness and find love with her.

Will Yasmine finally come to terms with her loss and allow herself to live and love again? Can Drake break through her defenses and bring joy back into her life? Or will they head down a path that will forever torment them both?

Review~ 5 stars
Holy shit!!! I freakin loved this book. I started reading it and before I knew it I had read half of the book within an hour. TORMENTED is one of the best books I have read this year! This author has the ability to suck you in and keep you hanging on her every word. 
Yasmine lost her entire family in a horrible car accident and has shut herself down to feeling anything but the grief that consumes her. Her best friend Lacey has watched her suffer for 4 long years and decides that Yasmine has grieved long enough. She talks her into going out and live it up a little. 

"I know you prefer to stay home to hide away from life. But it's not good to keep avoiding any opportunities to make friends or fall in love. You need to finally come to terms with that tragic accident."

While out at a night club she comes face to face with the hottest guy she has ever had the pleasure of viewing. Drake is the owner of the night club and he is taken with her right away as well. Being attracted to him was an emotion that terrified her and she was not ready to start a relationship with the possibility of getting hurt. Drake, on the other hand was not going to let her deter him from going after what he wants. Yes, I have a new book boyfriend and his name is Drake. Swoon. He is so yummy!

"This small slip of a girl has left me yearning for things I've never envisioned wanting before. A relationship with one women. Her to be exact and I'm not going to back down no matter how much she tries to push me away."

The heat between theses two characters burnt up the pages. WOW. I know I will never look at chocolate mousse quite the same way again.

"I love the way your body responds to my touch. It makes me fucking burn for you. There are so many things I want to do with your body...for your body."

(Fanning myself right now, Whewww)

Will Jasmine let him break down her defenses or will she stay in her cocoon of misery? You will have to read it and find out for yourself. Amazing debut novel by Mia Natal. I can't wait to see what she has for us next.



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  1. I read your review & now cannot wait to read this book! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I've added it to my TBR because I want to meet Drake!